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  • Open Concept Office Space for Lease in Summerside
  • 250 Water Street Summerside, PE C1N 1B6
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    Holman Centre is downtown Summerside at 250 Water Street...

    Great access to the world! Direct flights to Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Halifax year round. Summerside is in the AST/ADT and is -4 hours Coordinated Universal Time. Excellent for doing business on a global scale. Four hours ahead of the Pacific Coast and 5 1/2 hours behind India their working day will meet at some point with your working day.

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    Cost Effective Location - 30% savings over San Francisco, Boston and Vancouver...

    Software developers available from $40k per year out of university to $70k with 2-5 yrs experience. Further if you are looking to import out of country workers we have a streamlined plan that makes the process much quicker and easier.

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    Draw staff from UPEI, Holland College and 17 other universities within a 4 hour drive...

    UPEI & Holland College offer programs in Computer Science, Nursing and Radiography as well as announced Health Informatics programs in 1, 2 and 4 yr programs. Atlantic Canada is a fast growing region and there are a depth of universities within the region.

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    Your current staff will love PEI!

    Safe, clean place to raise a family with affordable housing market. There are larger urban areas including Halifax within a 3 to 4 hour drive. The Confederation Bridge means being able to access New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on your schedule.

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    The Province offers a labour rebate incentive to businesses ...

    in support of development and/or commercialization of new products, processes and services. Additionally the Rental Incentive Program can provide a rebate on the annual rate of the first year of your lease and financial support for research may be available.

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    The Holman Centre infrastructure...

    With geothermal power and fibre optics throughout the Holman Centre is the ideal location for your IT development business.

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    The advantage of being SMALL...

    It's good to be small, you don't get lost in the bureaucracy; meetings with officials and politicians can be had simply by asking. In short, you will be part of the business community on the Island.

Hiring on PEI

First and foremost it was the staffing capabilities. PEI in general has been easy, but Summerside has worked out very well for us. There has been very little turnover and we have good quality staff. We have had easy access to staff and that is the most critical thing. There has been easy access to infrastructure as well. What they have done to the building we use, our telecommunications provider, etc. - there have been no show stoppers to our ability to operate here. We've had groups like SRDC that have been essentially enablers for us to work here as well. And so, aside from facilities and aside from infrastructure, the thing that has really made it easy for us here is the availability of talented people.

An Interview with David Perry, Carestream Health
January 2010

Leasing Opportunities in Summerside

The Holman Centre has 100,000 sq ft with 80,000 sq ft of fully configurable, open plan space. Currently there is approximately 3,000 sq ft available for lease for companies seeking to locate to our Health IT cluster.

Contact Us

Email: ............................. mpalmer@srdcpei.com
Phone: ........................... 902-436-2246

Office Space Available


Holman Centre Suite 204b

Located in the historic Holman building, this second floor space includes 3,000 sqft of class 'A' professional office space. The exposed brick sanded, and sealed walls reflect the character of this remodeled 150 year old historic property. The space is heated/cooled with a geothermal system so is not reliant on fossil fuels. Back up emergency power is available if needed as well as UPS service.

The Holman CentreHealth IT cluster and interoperability centre for your e-health software research, development and support.

The Holman Centre currently has available prime Summerside office space for lease completely serviced for Health IT cluster with twisted pair 400 fibre optics and emergency backup generator and UPS. Power is supplied through a 600V 3 phase 120/208 connected to municipally owned utility. The building features Geo Thermal heating and cooling.

The Holman Centre is ideal for:

  Small to medium-sized niche firms (especially those seeking a Health IT cluster or community) with a focus on development or support

  Companies seeking a prime test ground for products as part of their R&D (again with the Health IT cluster model in mind)

  Firms seeking an environment where like-minded companies can collaborate and innovate, a Health IT community

  Companies with smaller workforce requirements, but who will benefit from the unparallelled loyalty and work ethic of islanders

  Companies seeking a state of the art smart building with green principles and the infrastructure required to create a Health IT cluster

  Firms that will realize meaningful benefits from the aggressive incentives and competitive cost offered in Prince Edward Island

Putting a Team in PEIis easier than you might think!

  Starts with a level of interest

  Sharing of information

  Visit to PEI. We act as your tour guide, getting you meetings with whomever you need to see

  After reviewing your business plan and financials we give you a Letter of Offer

  You incorporate in PEI and the agreements are signed

  We help you find your new location, acting as your access staff and advising on opportunities with our Federal Partners

  You become an active participant in our Community

History of the Holman CentreFormerly PEI's largest retail store, R.T. Holman

The Holman Centre, at 250 Water Street, was the department store of Prince Edward Island's largest retail firm, R. T. Holman Ltd., which was founded in 1857, before Confederation. The Holman Centre boasts many interesting architectural features and these have been combined with modern updates to create an eclectic workplace environment guaranteed to motivate your IT workforce.

Holman Centre SpecificationsWhat our building has to offer!

The Holman Centre is located in downtown Summerside in western PEI. The building originally built in 1857 has 5 floors and 100,000 sq. ft. of modern updated space. The complete building has been remodelled to provide custom configurable spaces for IT and Health IT companies seeking a place to locate that affords an available, dependable workforce as well as central world-wide convenience both of location and time zone.

Why the Holman Centre, Summerside & PEIWhat does PEI and Summerside have to offer

  Easy access to qualified staff with very little turnover reduces the costs associated with training and acclimatizing new staff. Staff stay with companies and average of 8.6 yrs which is the highest retention rate in Canada

  An educated IT workforce are close at hand. UPEI offers Computer Science, Nursing and Radiology with Health Informatics about to be offered in 1 yr, 2 yr and 4 yr programs. This area draws from 17 universities in the radius of a 4 hour drive.

  Summerside real estate is affordable, little crime, no commutes, and a place promoting strong family values makes Summerside an attractive proposition for your new IT workforce moving from larger, urban areas while larger centres with urban services are available within a 3 hour drive.

  The above means reduced staffing costs; Jnr Coder out of University under $40,000 per year; with 2-5 yrs experience under $70,000. PEI offers up to 30% savings over larger more urban areas for advanced software development

  There are leasing incentives offered through the Province of PEI. For further information contact Innovation PEI

Management & Ownership of Holman CentreSummerside Regional Development Corp.

Summerside Regional Development Corporation ( SRDC) is a private corporation registered in the Province of PEI with a mission statement which focuses on the "development of new and underutilized properties in the Summerside region for economic development purposes." The Corporation is 100% owned by the Province of Prince Edward Island and operates under the direction of a Board of Directors, and a management team conducting day-to-day business for the Corporation.

The Corporation focus on economic development is concentrated on diversifying the local economy and enhancing the climate for new investment. On an ongoing basis the corporation works with government leaders, private industry and interested individuals from and throughout the region and beyond to promote Summerside and the advantages to business establishing here where technology plays a leading edge role.